Welcome to WWYD: OnLine!

‘What Would You Do?’ (‘WWYD’) is the fun, game-based learning solution to drive behavioural change. WWYD presents typical day-to-day situations for peers to debate, in a safe and engaging environment, what they feel is the right thing to do, and exchange and compare views openly and without fear.

We understand that organising any development sessions might be a bit tricky right now, so we’ve designed a version of WWYD which is completely playable online. Introducing WWYD: OnLine, a learning solution that gives L&D professionals the tools they need, without breaking the bank.

The rise in remote working doesn’t mean an end to learning or coaching

Now a permanent member of the WWYD Family; WWYD OnLine is the perfect opportunity to deliver to your remote workforce excellent experiential learning sessions, based on relevant scenarios to the challenges we’re currently facing. It’s a great way to encourage your team to socialise with purpose: getting together to discuss the best ways to act in business.

The best part is that WWYD OnLine gives you the opportunity to host interactive learning sessions that really drive behavioural change, across multiple geographic regions, enabling geographically separated workforces to connect and share expertise through meaningful virtual learning sessions.

Eager to get started? Register here and we’ll get in touch to give you a week’s full access to WWYD: OnLine for free, so you can see the power of the game for yourself.

What you’ll get:

32 everyday scenarios
One game Host license
6-player ‘seats’ per session
Integrated polling software
Online Training

What you’ll need:

Windows laptop with PowerPoint
Space to install the polling software
Any online meeting tool – e.g. Teams, Zoom, Webex
A separate browser – access via Smartphone, PC or Tablet