The behavioural change gameplan: how to make the most of ‘WWYD?’

You’ve read all about the benefits of playing ‘What Would You Do?’ but how can you use this game to inspire change in your organisation?

The behavioural change experts

Thinking Focus have condensed over 20 years of expertise into a rigorous programme to make YOU the best facilitator to deliver a positive impact for your organisation.

When you purchase ‘WWYD?’, the first thing you need to do is get people engaged! Play some test games with your teams and get to grips with the rules, get people excited about the game and what it can deliver for you.

Training the facilitator

We recognise that WWYD is an investment. It is much more than just another product. It comes with a training and onboarding programme designed and built to ensure you maximise your investment; it’s not just how to play but when to mix it up, other ways to play and when to use them, how to solve problems or engage cross-functional teams.

When you’re starting to feel comfortable with your role as a facilitator, it’s time to properly start our onboarding programme. You’ll receive a six-month masterclass, which will transfer the culmination of our expertise and psychological principles to you, and take you from ‘WWYD?’ rookie to ‘WWYD?’ guru!

And it doesn’t stop there

You’ll be invited to join the wider ‘What Would You Do?’ community, which is full of behavioural change masters (just like you). Here you can discover and share tips and tricks on how to get even more out of the game experience and take part in regular webinars and meetups to stay up-to-date with the latest ‘WWYD?’ developments.