The behavioural 
game changer

The solution for people looking to 
inspire positive behavioural change 
in the workplace

‘What Would You Do?’ combines Group Coaching, Social Learning and Gamification.

help learning professionals transform soft skills training into day to day behavioural change in the workplace.

What Would You Do? is the go-to kit for group learning. WWYD blends group coaching and social learning with game mechanics to accelerate the adoption of knowledge, skills and behaviours. A facilitator presents everyday situations to generate group discussion; the group explores how they would tackle everyday situations, facing dichotomies that challenge players to decide and justify 'what they would do.'

Get your teams talking

The richness and diversity in debate creates a shared pool of understanding. Participants learn from each other, exploring risks and implications before arriving at an objective decision. WWYD prepares them for situations they face every day and cause them to think before they act.

WWYD will stretch and push your people, challenge their thinking, assumptions, and biases and ultimately take them out of their comfort zone and into the growth zone.

WWYD is for Trainers & Coaches

Embrace the social aspect of organisational learning, through sessions that are engaging and fun and unique every time you play. 

Every version of WWYD comes with a wealth of applicable and relevant day-to-day content everyday scenarios for you to play with a team: Saving you valuable design and preparation time.

WWYD inspires critical thought, with the aim of accelerating the adoption of positive business behaviours.

We’ve done the thinking for you: our process and scenarios are crafted by industry experts, saving you precious time to focus your effort on your people, rather than content design.


Fits perfectly into your existing learning portfolio, use it to reinforce existing learning or as a standalone learning experience. 


Turn traditional offline learning into engaging online experiences, which is transferable to you & your team’s day job.

Benefit from the wisdom of group coaching and build trust by making collective commitment to positive organisational behaviours.


Reduce your training cost; create experiences that embed learning faster.

WWYD is for leaders looking to make a shift change in management behaviours

Develop the skills of your management teams, and help your teams build new methods to adapt to the ever-changing  ‘new normal’ of working through relatable role-playing scenarios.

WWYD sessions create a safe forum for practicing and discussing difficult to manage situations; develop the confidence to tackle thorny issues with empathy.

Deliver high-impact learning experiences either face-to-face or virtually.


You’re in control: Run your sessions whenever, wherever, for as long, or as often as you want. WWYD gives you unlimited use and total flexibility to run sessions that work around your teams’ schedule.


Promotes a positive and inclusive performance improvement discussion, whilst developing your groups’ collective knowledge and skills.

Socialise your learning: gamification makes learning fun, interactive and engaging, present your team with learning that truly resonates with participants.


Increase the accessibility of WWYD, with multiple scalable options for both offline and online play.

How to play


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