WWYD is for HR & Learning leaders looking to change Management behaviours.

WWYD sessions offer a safe forum for practicing and discussing difficult to manage situations, giving you and your team the confidence to tackle thorny issues with empathy.

Develop the skills of your management teams, and help your teams build new methods to adapt to the ever-changing  ‘new normal’ of working through relatable work-based scenarios.

Introducing WWYD

The aim of ‘What Would You Do?’ is simple: to inspire behavioural change.

We invite participants to discuss, debate and contextualise common workplace situations, and decide what they think the best course of action is through a safe (and fun!) lens.

Organisations have been using serious games in a professional context for years now: they deliver typically-dull learning experiences in a fresh way, getting participants engaged and increasing the likelihood of staff applying their learnings to their work.

WWYD as part of your learning strategy

  • We’ve done the thinking for you: our process and scenarios are crafted by industry experts, saving you precious time to focus your effort on your people, rather than content design.
  • Fits perfectly into your existing learning portfolio, and can be used to reinforce existing learning or as a standalone learning experience. 
  • Turn traditional offline learning into engaging online experiences, which is transferable to you & your team’s day job.
  • Benefit from the wisdom of group coaching and build trust by making a group commitment to positive organisational behaviours.
  • Reduce your training cost, by creating experiences that help embed learning faster.

WWYD as part of your learning strategy

  • Deliver high-impact learning experiences either face-to-face or virtually.
  • You’re in total control: Run your sessions whenever, wherever, for as long, or as often as you want. WWYD gives you unlimited use and total flexibility to run sessions that work around your teams’ schedule.
  • Promote positive and inclusive performance improvement discussion, whilst developing your groups’ collective knowledge and skills.
  • Socialise your learning: gamification makes learning fun, interactive and engaging, present your team with learning that truly resonates with participants.
  • Increase the accessibility of WWYD, with multiple scalable options for both offline and online play.

In the training room

Add the physical gameboard of WWYD into your existing training room mix with the Compact & Facilitator editions. 

These two physical versions of WWYD suit any opportunity for meaningful face-to-face sessions, pick and play with WWYD Compact; perfect for quickly and conveniently injecting energy and enthusiasm into any small or intimate session. 

Or challenge a larger group of colleagues to participate in the flagship Facilitator edition, and play though a robust set of scenarios to create sessions that get people thinking critically and inspire them to have in-depth discussion about situations they face everyday.

The Facilitator & Compact editions feature ready-to-play scenarios and a physical game-board, saving you valuable design and session preparation time whilst providing an engaging and memorable experience to embed into existing training room mix.

WWYD for the new normal

WWYD Online edition is designed to bridge the gap between learners in the ‘new normal’. Get everyone involved, regardless if you are working from home, remotely or across multiple geographies.

Online edition works with all online meeting tools, perfect for slotting into your existing communication systems. It’s the ideal way for trainers and learning professionals to host engaging online sessions that get the whole team talking. 

WWYD Online gives you unlimited access during your licence period, giving you a cost-effective way of providing a different experience every time you play. Unlimited use also means you have total flexibility to host a session of WWYD anytime, anywhere!

Let WWYD Online help convert your offline learning sessions into engaging online experiences.

Larger groups

Liven-up your large-scale events with WWYD Conference & Custom editions.

Add WWYD Conference edition to your large online or physical meetings, town-halls, or stakeholder events to make sessions that people will remember. Conference edition gives you the power to get your audience involved through meaningful interaction and voting; understand what your audience thinks about specific topics, or uncover trending behaviours group-wide. 

Custom edition allows you to take the WWYD experience a step further: with the chance to design bespoke sessions that get to the core of a niche or specific issue that you face on a regular basis.

While many struggle to get engagement on larger sessions, WWYD promises to add interactivity that gets audiences talking, whether online or in-person.

If you’re curious about how to achieve behavioural change by using ‘What Would You Do?’ Discover more about our programme