how to use wwyd

WWYD allows you to create instant training

We have all had moments that we recognise as the perfect moment to help the people around us learn new skills, or stop and reflect.  WWYD allows you to create instant training sessions, selecting a scenario and working with a small group, or 1-2-1 with someone in moments.

wwyd in action

How others use WWYD to create learning in the moment

A Health & Beauty manufacturer holds WWYD sessions with first-line leaders to develop their people management skills and to focus on a particular team issue (e.g. conflict management). Also, a new supervisor asked to play the game to see his team members’ behaviours.

A food manufacturer embarked on an organisational restructure. Their goal was to establish a new management team who could lead, coach and support their people to deliver the business goals. They chose WWYD and built it into their assessment process to evaluate candidates’ behaviours against their new values and behavioural template.