Different versions have different terms

You can purchase WWYD in two different ways, to use face to face and to use on-line, alongside a video meeting system like MS Teams, Zoom or Webex.   The online version also some with some software that you use alongside Microsoft Powerpoint.  We sell the two different version in slightly different ways, so they have different terms and conditions. 

We know this may appear a little confusing but the very clever legal minds convinced us that this would be better for you and for us.

Legal Terms and Conditions

In-person versions

In this version, you get a physical product.  Once you have paid for it is yours to keep and we won’t charge you any more money unless you want different version, or you need to replace some of the components.

Legal Terms and Conditions

Online versions

In this version, there is no physical product, you get the content digitally and you will need powerpoint to use it.  There is also some add on software that you will need to create the game effect, which we licence for you from a third party.  You have the right to use the content and the software subject to an annual licence fee.