The Business Case for WWYD

There is no magic bullet in the development world, no single solution to effect the change you both want and need. The best approach is to create an ecosystem of knowledge, skills and behaviours that meet your cultural needs to deliver your organisational goals. 

At Thinking Focus, we recognise the limitations in development, which is why we’ve created a balanced approach to a blended solution called ‘What Would You Do?’ (WWYD), that fills knowledge gaps, develops skills and changes behaviour. WWYD is a powerful tool amongst our wealth of tactics and strategies.   

People issues are a considerable cost to any business. The reality is that line managers play a massive part in how their people perform – or not! One HR Director shared with us that three people issues that line managers had escalated to her ultimately cost £100k to resolve. What’s worse, she believed those managers could have avoided all the problems if they had intervened earlier. 

It’s well documented that people don’t leave businesses; they leave managers. So, when you add up the cost of losing people – considering lost productivity, plus the impact of dissatisfied people sharing their dissent across colleagues – it would be a scary number! The impact is broad, yet it often goes unnoticed and unquantified – quite apart from the actual cost of replacing people!

And if that wasn’t bad enough, any training and development investment goes down the drain when you don’t apply the learning practically.

The beauty of WWYD is that it puts you in control; you are not dependent on us to deliver the development; it provides everything you need, in-person or online, and you decide what, where, when and for how long.  

The flexibility of WWYD means you can embed learning as part of your development programmes. For example, improve values and behaviours, develop large groups, have more intimate development sessions, or accelerate the development of groups using WWYD as a group coaching tool. You can even assess behaviours as part of a recruitment process. 

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