Use WWYD to drive the adoption of the values you need to thrive

From corporate values to specific skills needed in your organisation, WWYD can help.


How others are using WWYD to create the behaviours they need

A leading financial services business used WWYD to embed new conduct rules across its UK business. This award-winning programme saw 1,500 people undergo training in less than three months. The results were excellent:

  • 98% of people attended the WWYD sessions within the deadline, and 
  • 100% of participants said they felt better able to apply the rules in their job. 
  •  The relationship with the financial regulator was improved.

Most importantly, there was an improvement in four out of five cultural metrics.  

A pharmaceutical firm used WWYD to embed new company values across Europe. They socialised their values using typical situations to start the discussion and explore specific areas where they are often outside the expectations—using the psychological safety of WWYD to create meaningful conversations that challenge behaviours.