how to use wwyd

WWYD brings conferences to life

Conferences and large meetings can easily become death by powerpoint.  WWYD creates engagement and discussion.  With over 200 scenarios there is always one that can support your key message.

wwyd in action

How others have created engagement in large groups with WWYD

A Big Four Consultancy used WWYD as part of their onboarding session for 180 new apprentices.

They integrated WWYD within a day-long session to socialise key topics like business skills, wellbeing, diversity and inclusion and social styles. In addition, WWYD was used to inject fun into the evaluation sessions; the scenarios tested how well the learning points had landed and how well the participants had engaged with the content.

The project sponsor commented, “We received really positive feedback about the day- the students found the scenario discussions really useful, and the breakout room facilitators fed back that they had some valuable discussions, which is fantastic!”