Gamified Behavioural Change

What Would You Do? is a gamified learning experience that focuses on thinking, mindset and behaviours.

‘What Would You Do?’ is a game designed to bring peers together in order to work through business issues in a fun, engaging way. WWYD challenges and encourages teams to learn from one another through cost-effective, flexible gamified learning. This unique and creative business solution was sparked when our client presented us with a challenge…and we accepted.

WWYD offers ultimate flexibility in learning design, allowing learning to be delivered through short regular sessions.

WWYD presents typical day-to-day situations for peers to debate what they feel is the right thing to do.  Using gameplay dynamics, participants discuss, listen and exchange views and opinions.  Playing in a ‘safe’ environment where participants can express their views without fear enables open participation and encourages them to value and appreciate the different views and opinions of others.

The richness and diversity in debate means participants learn from each other and how to consider important factors before arriving at an objective decision.  The aim is to prepare them for situations they face every day and challenge them to think before they act.