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WWYD creates the conversations that
change behaviour.

How confident are you that your people will do the right thing when it matters? In reality, your people make decisions every day, but are they getting them right through luck or good judgement?

WWYD enables groups to socialise typical situations and safely explore the risks, implications and consequences of a course of action. Together they decide what the right course of action should be.


Do you need to drive different behaviours?

Learning Professionals

WWYD is for HR professionals frustrated at watching their training investment go down the drain. The transfer of learning from intervention to the day job is typically poor at best, but can often be impossible to quantify.

Whether you are looking to run stand-alone sessions or integrate something different into your learning as an embedding tool, What Would You Do? is a perfect addition to your portfolio.

Senior HR Leaders

WWYD is for HR professionals frustrated at watching their training investment go down the drain. The transfer of learning from intervention to the job is typically poor at best, but can often be impossible to quantify.

Investing in your people needs to pay off; it needs to transfer to the workplace and be seen in more consistent behaviours and increased productivity.
What Would You Do? socialises the learning process, creating a shared pool of understanding that delivers more consistency in how people do their job.

Operational Leaders
Can you be sure that your people are making the right decisions when the going gets tough?

High levels of ambiguity cause managers to freeze, defer or pass decisions upwards.  WWYD teaches your managers how to tackle new and complex situations without the risks associated with facing these challenges for the first time when the consequences matter.

Embedding Learning

WWYD supports wider learning programmes, with the scenarios creating safe spaces where learning can be tested and embedded. WWYD supports Leadership, Management and Personal Development learning in the workplace.


Values and Behaviours

Suppose you need to embed new corporate values or specific behaviours such as those mandated by regulators. WWYD is a fun and engaging way for teams to understand what these new ways of work really mean when put into practice.


Ad-hoc Development

WWYD is a portfolio of content that can be used to set up a training session on the fly.
You can start discussing the issue or learning need with a group within minutes; helping people learn what they need when they need it. All you need is a place to have a chat.



Support your people to learn and grow together. WWYD creates a structure where your people think they are playing scenarios when in fact, what's happening is group coaching and social learning. As a result, you will accelerate the development of the entire group at the same time. They share best practices, agree on what good looks like and hold each other to account.


Engage Teams
and groups

WWYD supports everything from team meetings to conferences (even online). Create dynamic and engaging exercises that bring your key messages to life through purposeful discussion. Groups engage in new ideas while you direct the learning outcomes and land your all-important messages.

Different versions (with more to come)

Ready Made Content

Every content pack includes ready-made scenarios that people face in their day-to-day work. The scenarios cause internal conflict and debate before arriving at a shared understanding of what good looks like. And what’s even better, the scenarios, whilst static, become dynamic every time a new or different group interacts with them. This is because we all bring our beliefs, experiences, biases and assumptions to the table when presented with a given situation. Exploring risks, consequences, and implications of courses of action allow for a shared understanding of what good and bad look like for their organisation.

Starter Pack

As the name suggests, this is the ideal starter for ten. Well, actually, there are 40 scenarios from a range of topic areas. The pick n' mix selection includes communication, leadership, teams, influencing, managing conflict, managing people, managing others, and managing self. There are also scenarios covering resilience and remote working.

Communications Pack

By far the single biggest frustration for any organisation, this pack explores the barriers to effective communication. It brings groups together to identify what communication should be like in their organisation. With 32 scenarios to choose from, groups come together to socialise the effects of poor communication on colleagues and departments and how to improve it.

Difficult Conversations

What makes conversations difficult? When faced with high-stakes conversations with strong emotions or where opinions differ, we tend to approach them wrong, get uptight or avoid them altogether. This pack of 32 scenarios surfaces the causes of difficult conversations. It allows groups to socialise their experiences, concerns and feelings before working together to create a shared pool of meaning and preparedness to face these conversations in the future.

Personal Effectiveness

How we choose to react is fundamental to our success, our mindset determines how we approach our work. In this pack, there are 32 scenarios to explore limiting factors and assumptions that get in our way yet are crucial to improving.

Managing People

Managing people brings challenges for new and experienced managers; this pack presents typical challenges faced by managers every day around conduct, capability, and attitude. Allowing space and time to share their experiences in a safe space prepares managers to tackle issues more confidently. With 32 scenarios to choose from, your managers can accelerate the development of many people at the same time.

Engaging Stakeholders

Most organisations suffer from the negative effects of silos. Poor inter-team communication, competing priorities, egos and agendas complicate an already complex world. This pack of 32 scenarios explores the relationships with stakeholders and the everyday problems you face. It socialises the issues and invites groups to understand the world from the other perspective and find more effective ways to share and work together to avoid these own goals.

What other packs would you like?

From new topics, to custom packs that help you deliver values or behaviours in your workplace

benefits of WWYD

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Saves you time

Ready made content saves time in designing and building programmes, and creates a more flexible and responsive approach to learning

Generates return on investment

WWYD supports managers to have the difficult conversations early, saving time and potential interventions later on

Accelerates Learning

WWYD helps embed learning, allowing new ideas to be tested and integrated in a safe space

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WWYD provides the framework to allow learning to happen.  See what some of our customers, the facilitators who work with groups and participants who use WWYD to develop and grow say about What Would You Do?