The WWYD Product family

What Would You Do is a family of products, ranging from easy to use Compact Editions, that you can use anywhere and anytime, Facilitator Editions designed to be incorporated into learning, Online Editions that bring the scenarios covered in the Compact Edition to the virtual and remote working world.  WWYD also has a Conference Edition, designed to help large groups engage in discussions around behaviour and values.  Finally, WWYD Custom helps you bring your values or behaviours to life, using the WWYD mechanic to support the behavioural changes important to you.

Boost your training mix with WWYD Compact: A lightweight physical game board which allows managers to embed WWYD easily into their existing training sessions.

WWYD Compact is quick and easy to pick up and put down, perfect for a short game during a larger session to get team members engaged and thinking critically.

The Compact edition is excellent for adding that group coaching feel to small intimate face-to-face sessions.  Managers can play a full round, or just a single scenario, either as a small group, in pairs or even in teams.

It’s a quick and easy way to start with WWYD, and you can expand your mix with additional expansion packs to make your sessions even more specific to your field.

WWYD Compact is a portable, lightweight board game designed for intimate face-to-face learning sessions.  Play with 4 to 6 people around a small table, meeting room, or any convenient space.

Make the most of your face-to-face time; bring cross-functional teams together for energetic in-person training sessions.  Perfect for small, intimate sessions where players can safely debate, surface issues and identify solutions through 32 scenarios, all designed to reflect everyday situations.

WWYD Compact has everything you need to start so that you can run an engaging session straight out of the box.  Take the learning experiences with you; the game kit is portable, so you can seize the opportunity to play in pairs or with a small group anytime, anywhere.

WWYD OnLine works with all online meeting tools; it’s perfect for anyone involved with training design and delivery as well as learning professionals wanting to run engaging, interactive learning experiences with their remote and home-based workforce.

Online gives you unlimited access, putting you in total control and creating the flexibility to choose how and when to run your sessions, even with a geographically dispersed team.

There are no limits; you can use it as much as you want within the license period, which means cost-effectiveness comes as standard providing a different shared experience in every game.

If you want to transfer your offline learning into creative and interactive online sessions, then WWYD OnLine is ideal for you.

WWYD OnLine is the virtual way to play.  It integrates contextualised content with remote polling, dynamic scoring and virtual leaderboards.  Simply set up an online session and invite 4 to 6* people for a structured discussion! ; run your remote WWYD sessions easily at any time.

Benefit from remote gameplay that brings teams together.  Players discuss gaps in knowledge, skills and behaviour as they work through scenarios which assess how individuals make decisions.  Real-world scenarios help players to engage with their learning and encourage them to think critically about everyday situations, which promotes the adoption of positive organisational behaviours.

WWYD OnLine is an excellent way to promote online team engagement and bring training sessions to life.  Why not try a session of WWYD for yourself?  Join us at one of our public sessions

WWYD Facilitator gives managers access to the complete WWYD toolkit allowing you to make WWYD part of your broader training mix.

Designed for in-depth discussion, the facilitator edition allows for larger groups across various job functions, covering a comprehensive range of scenarios and topics relevant to today’s workforce.

Our Facilitator edition also gives you the support and guidance needed to become a master facilitator for these engaging group coaching sessions.  Aside from guidance running the sessions, the facilitator edition comes with 200 ready-to-play scenarios, saving you valuable preparation time.

The Facilitator edition is the flagship WWYD game, featuring a wealth of applicable scenarios, all aimed at injecting energy into your training sessions.  Ideal for use in the training room, board room, (or anywhere with a table), WWYD facilitator is the board game aimed at getting your team talking.

WWYD Facilitator edition helps give your workforce a voice, allowing groups of 5 to 8* people to benefit from the full WWYD experience.  Use WWYD to form team heroes and help inspire the critical thinking needed to solve thorny and sensitive workplace issues; WWYD creates a safe place for cross-functional groups to debate issues before committing to doing the right thing in the right way.

WWYD promises energetic interactions and engagement with your learning interventions to accelerate the adoption of knowledge, skills and behaviours.


The Conference edition allows managers to liven up larger-scale events: While most have found the transition to online-conference experiences tricky, the WWYD Conference edition gives you the power to get your audience involved, whether that’s online or in-person.

Add the Conference edition to your large town-hall meetings, virtual meet-ups, or member conferences to engage larger audiences and think critically.

The Conference edition is perfect for organisations looking to inject energy and inspire interactivity during larger-scale sessions.

The Conference edition is a large-scale tool designed to be played by large groups, either online or at a physical event.

Audiences get to explore the ‘what if’ in given situations on a larger scale with the Conference edition, perfect for organisations wanting to engage with large virtual or face-to-face groups for a conference-style session of up to 200 participants.

Scenarios can be randomly selected or even tailored to suit your specific agenda.  The Conference edition is perfect for weaving topics into your event plan; when playing online, use breakout rooms to encourage small group discussions about broader issues shared in the main session.

The Custom edition process gives your organisation a WWYD experience that directly addresses your content or area of focus and brings your values to life.

It’s a collaborative process where we allow businesses to challenge traditional content delivery and design a bespoke experience to inject energy and interactivity that will inspire safe, open discussion and debate.

Let us help you solve the transition from face-to-face learning to online without compromising the user experience.

WWYD Covers a range of topics