WWYD Facilitator Edition

WWYD Facilitator Edition not only comes with everything you need to run engaging and interactive learning sessions, it comes with facilitator training to ensure you get the most out of this extensive resource.

WWYD Facilitator Edition

What's in the box?

The Facilitator Edition provides everything you need to run endless sessions with your team.


All your kit comes in a wheelable case to protect your valuable game components, which include:

    • 200 scenarios across eight topics (25 per topic)
    • A large game mat with eight lanes.
    • 4 Voting Zones
    • Player Tokens
    • Name Card Holders – matching colour to the player token.
    • Name Cards
    • Sand Timer
    • Sharpie x 2
WWYD Facilitator Edition

What content comes with the Facilitator Edition?

When you buy the Facilitator Edition, you not only get 200 scenarios across eight topics, but we also provide a searchable list of every scenario, including the intended learning point by scenario. Armed with this list, you can filter it to home in on a specific scenario to embed your desired learning agenda or land your key message.

      • Managing Performance
      • Managing Others
      • Managing Conflict
      • Managing Self
      • Communication
      • Influencing
      • Leadership
      • Teams
WWYD Facilitator Edition

Ways to play

Classic Play

With this play option, you choose from the entire set at random. Play this way when you want to make the most of a bitesize opportunity at the end of a team meeting. Customers use this approach to engage remote teams with purposeful conversation; it combines learning with team social interaction. 

Hot Topic

Perfect for modular learning, build it into your workshops or development programme. With gamification and social learning, teams work together to find the right solution to the problem. Playing a scenario is a great way to change the session’s state and energise the group. In addition, the safe space provides an ideal way to explore and test potential consequences.

Specific Scenario

An ideal tactic for engaging people in a specific business, together they can learn from a particular problem​. You can raise awareness, build capability, and change behaviours. 


Play WWYD in teams, and you change the dynamic again; with the team approach, you introduce compromise and collaboration. The process with teams involves agreement in groups to score points and progress. 

With some creativity, you can also adapt the WWYD format to accommodate large groups. See Run-around coming up next.


Run-around is perfect for large rooms, utilise the corners of the room as the voting zones, and now, the player becomes the voting token; you are literally voting with your feet.

Run-around is high energy; choose to play individually or in teams.  


League Table/Continuation

League table/continuation adds momentum to your development. It keeps players engaged over an extended period and keeps them interested in their learning. This approach is perfect for your development programmes and modular learning.

WWYD Facilitator Edition

Facilitator Training

Your purchase of WWYD Facilitator Edition includes an onsite training session for up to 12 facilitators, although that’s not a hard limit. The training session will typically run from 10 am to 4 pm.

We will bring your game with us to the onsite training session and train your facilitators using your kit, so they get familiar with the components and how to make the most out of every session.

The training comprises six components:

      • Understanding how WWYD works
      • How to set up the kit
      • Role of a facilitator
      • How to facilitate (including having a go at facilitating)
      • Other ways to play
      • Maximising your WWYD resource
WWYD Facilitator Edition

Client Examples

Metro Shipping was an early adopter of WWYD; they embedded the Facilitator Edition into their Management Development Programme; they use it to embed core learning from the programme. In addition, they have ongoing learning events where they use the leaderboard to track players’ scores throughout many follow-up sessions – a good example of continuation play.

Metro also use it to coach groups; they hand-pick scenarios to help groups discuss and debate issues to build a shared pool of understanding of handling a particular situation.

WWYD can also be used to coach individuals; Metro tap into the scenario bank to help individual managers work through situations.

Here Colin Smith of Metro Shipping shares his thoughts on WWYD. 

A leading UK bank used WWYD to engage a team of 34 leaders in building stronger cross-functional relationships. Using WWYD in a team forum enables groups to socialise the problematic areas of working together. Small groups discuss specific scenarios before sharing how the group arrived at their solution with the larger group. These conversations feed the broader debate and enable large groups to reach a consensus quickly.