WWYD can also be played online

wwyd online


WWYD OnLine is a virtual social learning experience perfect for geographically dispersed or remote teams. WWYD has a library of pre-prepared content in the form of everyday situations people face. The purpose is to share the scenario, discuss the merits or otherwise of a course of action, and explore potential consequences. Then, participants vote from a set of four options. Further discussion ensues before debriefing and reflection to understand the thought processes. The aim is to reach a consensus, a shared understanding of the right thing.

Using third-party software, we have created an interactive learning experience as powerful as an in-person one. That means you can reach your people wherever they may be and at a time convenient to your organisation with little to no preparation or lead time.

A trained facilitator runs each WWYD OnLine session. Participants play along via an online meeting, such as Teams, Zoom, Webex or any tool that allows for screen sharing and video-based conversation. Participants also connect to the integrated online polling software that enables them to participate actively in the session.

Seven-step WWYD OnLine process:

      1. Book an online meeting and invite participants
      2. Connect participants to the online polling software
      3. Ask a participant to choose a scenario randomly or use a preselected one
      4. Share the context of the scenario with the group and test for understanding
      5. Ask the participants to vote for one of the four available options
      6. Discuss the results with the group, exploring reasons for their choice and why they didn’t opt for the others
      7. Debrief learning and realisations and agree on the best approach against your organisational context

If time allows, return to step three and repeat. Leave around ten minutes at the end of your session to enable participants to reflect on their learning and takeaways. Ask them to each commit publicly to one change in their behaviour as a result of the session. It is this public commitment that increases their likelihood of implementing the change: psychologically we like to act in congruence with what we say in front of others.

wwyd online

What you get with WWYD OnLine

WWYD OnLine is a ‘software as a service’ (SAAS) and requires an annually renewable license to use it. With each licence, you get 24/7 – 365 access to unlimited gameplay with:

      • One facilitator
      • Six-player seats*
      • A content pack or bundle of your choice
      • Remote polling
      • Dynamic scoring and leader boards

      • Facilitator support and guidance

      • 2-hour online training session

      • More content available with expansion packs

        *Player numbers are extendable, subject to a small upcharge per additional seat.

Once you’ve decided WWYD OnLine is for you, we take you through a comprehensive onboarding process that includes three steps:

    • Getting your software and systems set up
    • Sharing your chosen content packs or bundle.
    • Facilitator Training
wwyd online

WWYD OnLine Facilitator Training

We want you to get the most out of WWYD, so we include a two-hour online training session for each facilitator. We can run the session via Teams or Zoom, or if it’s easier, we will join you on your chosen system.

The training forms two parts:

    1. How it works, the support available for facilitators and how to get your participants into the interactive session.
    2. How to run an effective online session, by provoking conversation and debate, challenging assumptions and gaining commitment to change in your debrief