What’s in the box?

‘What Would You Do?’ comes with everything you need to get started.

Ideas that are built to last

The protective travel case contains the game board, scenario cards, the facilitator’s guide, and the player tokens needed to play. 

We also have a six-month masterclass to make you a ‘WWYD?’ guru, ensuring that you can generate hours of learning for one fixed price. 

What Would You Do?’ puts you in control: You can either play for a full hour, or select one card and play for 15 minutes. To embed specific training, pick one topic to focus on.

Manager’s Edition

8 sets of cards comprising 200 scenarios based on real-life situations:

Communication – What does good communication look like?

Teams – Ensuring that teams work well together

Leadership – Stepping up to lead as well as manage

Managing Self –  Taking ownership of your own work

Managing Conflict – How to defuse tension and resolve conflict

Managing Others – Managing people to deliver results

Managing Performance – How to address performance issues

Influencing – Ensuring that you can influence up and down

Additional Editions of What Would You Do?

On the product roadmap:

Change Readiness

Sales Mindset

Operational Excellence

Personal Effectiveness

Resilience and Wellbeing