Your very own What Would You Do?

We can create a WWYD set just for you.

You could have a set of scenarios that bring to life your corporate values, or specialist training that helps people develop skills where complex decision-making is required.  Maybe you need to drive some core behaviours to meet a critical business requirement or prove that your team is conformant to regulatory requirements. 

WWYD Custom might be the right solution for you.


WWYD Custom Examples

A Big Four Consultancy used WWYD as part of their onboarding day for 180 new apprentices.

The session used WWYD to socialise key topics like business skills, wellbeing, diversity and inclusion and social styles.

“We received really positive feedback about the day – the students found the scenario discussions really useful, and the breakout room facilitators fed back that they had some really valuable discussions which is fantastic!”

A pharmaceutical firm used WWYD to embed new company values across Europe. They socialised their values using typical situations to start the discussion and explore specific areas where they are often outside the expectations—using the psychological safety of WWYD to create meaningful conversations that challenge behaviours.

A global med-tech company used WWYD as part of its recruitment process. They tested behaviours against their behavioural template and company values. WWYD gave them a different insight into how people behave in given situations, especially when the answer depends on the context that everyone applies to in every situation. The game mechanic caused people to forget they were part of an assessment and behaved more naturally.

A leading financial services business used WWYD to embed new conduct rules across its UK business. This award-winning programme saw 1,500 people undergo training in less than three months. The results were excellent; 98% of people attended the WWYD sessions within the deadline, and 100% of participants said they felt better able to apply the rules in their job. In addition, there was an improvement in four out of five cultural metrics. They also improved the relationship with their regulator.


The WWYD Custom Process

Turning WWYD into a bespoke set of content requires a detailed development approach that includes some choices along the way.

Step 1 – Online or in-person

The first decision starts with how do you want/need to interact with your people. How scalable does the solution need to be?

When we worked with one of the big four consultancies, the requirement was for 180 people to attend on the same day and mid pandemic, so the only option was to use the conference edition to meet their brief.

Step 2 – small groups, large groups or the option to choose

The next decision is how do you want to interact with your people, in small groups, large groups or flexibility to choose.

Our project with the financial services organisation was time pressured, they needed to reach 1,500 people within three months. In addition, they had to ensure that their service to customers wasn’t affected, so they wanted to be able to run small sessions or large sessions and be able to run them when customer demand was low.

Step 3 – Content – single event, reusable or the option to choose

The next decision focuses on the use of content, is there a requirement to re-run development at a later stage or as a single event. Our pharma project was focused on launching their new company values and behaviours. We built this in a way that they could run top-up sessions and as part of their new starter onboarding.

Step 4 – Building the Taxonomy

This is the core phase of the process, in this step we take you through a scoping session to assess the size and scope of the project. We advise you whether we have scenarios already that can be adapted which helps on both speed of delivery and cost of development.

We also build content from scratch, collaborating with you to tailor the content to your specific needs.

Our project with UK Anti-Doping is a great example of our partnership approach to create bespoke content for their elite athlete education programme. WWYD enables athletes to explore the traps they face every day whilst also developing a better understanding of wellbeing and nutrition.

Step 5 – Building Scenarios

Once we have a range of situations, we get into writing. In this step we focus on creating rich content that is relatable to the organisation.

As part of our leadership programme with a leading UK hospitality business we created a bespoke set on equality and diversity.

Step 6 – Developing the Options

Every scenario we build needs a set of options to accompany them, the skill here is to find the right balance, after all its not a quiz, this is a discussion.

Step 7 – Design, build, production, and testing

Once we have all the components, we need to build the chosen version, be that online or in-person.

Step 8 – Training and installation

WWYD is an in-house solution, one that is owned and delivered by internal facilitators. We want you to get the most from your investment, so we tailor a training approach that focuses on understanding the components, the process, how it works and how to engage a group with WWYD. We follow the ‘see one, do one’ model with accompanying feedback.

With the online versions we work with you to help your Information Security teams with the information they need to install third party software on your systems.

With in-person content there is a physical production of content packs, cards and game pieces that will be handed over as part of the training.


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