Ways to use WWYD OnLine

WWYD OnLine offers flexibility to develop people from anywhere, either pre-planned or at a moment’s notice; once set up, you can be ready to go in under a minute.

Here are some suggestions about how can you get the best out of this resource:

Using WWYD OnLine

Embed learning

Many customers use WWYD to embed learning. They align WWYD with their management development programmes. They identify relevant scenarios that enable them to turn theory into practice. This approach means they can see if learners can apply their learning to real situations.

WWYD also solves the problem of knowledge deteriorating at an alarming rate. To keep the learning fresh and still applicable over time, customers have built-in ‘top-up’ sessions as part of their post-intervention strategy.

Using WWYD OnLine

Engage your remote workers

Remote working can be a lonely experience and developing your people practically and interactively can be challenging. WWYD OnLine solves that problem. Bring your people together for interactive sessions that are purposeful and valuable. They not only share experiences with their colleagues but also learn how others solve everyday issues that we often take for granted when people work closely together on-site or in the office.

Whether your people are field-based, hybrid or home-based, finding a learning solution to bring everyone together and create a collaborative and inclusive environment is easy with WWYD OnLine. Participants access WWYD OnLine with an internet-connected laptop, tablet or PC and a smartphone, which means you can use short burst sessions to develop your people and help them feel connected. Through WWYD sessions, they build relationships with people they might not usually encounter on a day-to-day basis. 

Using WWYD OnLine

Coach groups on a common topic

It is all too common that when an organisation needs to get a message out quickly, they use email, intranet, or town halls. The challenge with the push communication approach is you don’t get to test the understanding of the message, and you leave its application to chance, hoping the key elements have landed and relying on line managers to catch any potential issues.

With WWYD OnLine, you can utilise one of the many scenarios to see how your people demonstrate their understanding in practice. Using WWYD as a group coaching tool, you can accelerate group development and create a shared experience of what good looks like.